GraphiTech as Computer Graphics in Education

Fondazione Graphitech aims to support Computer Graphics education as well as the use of Computer Graphics in education.

"Computer Graphics" education encompasses technical, creative, and developmental studies in curricular areas ranging from computer science to digital arts.

For this purpose Fondazione Graphitech established at the University of Trento several courses focuse on learning of the elements of data structures and algorithms for geometric modeling and modeling of 3D scenes and the theoretical foundations, techniques and methodologies needed to design and manufacture of interactive three-dimensional graphics.


A Computer Graphics Definition


Computer graphics is the technology with which pictures, in the broadest sense of the word (synthetic graphics as well as grayscale and color images), are captured or generated, presented, manipulated, digitally processed in the appropriate form for the respective application and merged with other, nongraphical application data.

Computer graphics also includes the computer-supported integration and manipulation of these pictures with other kinds of data, such as audio, speech and video (to create multimedia systems) as well as corresponding advanced dialog and interactive technologies.

Concepts which characterize the important topics of computer graphics are, to name a few, visualizing information, visual data mining, visual computing, Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), interactive Internet services and secure image transmission and communication.


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