Fondazione GraphiTech is a founding member of, International Network for the Cooperation in:

  • Applied Research in Computer Graphics
  • Multimodal-Multimedia Technologies
  • Visual Interactive Digital Media Technologies
  • 3D Video Technologies is an international organization that coordinates the activities of research and development (R&D), technology transfer and the exploitation in computer graphics, multimodal-multimedia technologies, and visual interactive digital media and 3D video technologies. is open to international applied R&D institutes (public/private), R&D units of multinational companies and multinational hi-tech transfer companies. Common interest is international collaboration in:

  • Joint Applied Research Projects
  • Academic / Scientific knowledge transfer
  • Technology Transfer and Innovation

The current members of are located in Germany, Italy, Panama, Portugal, and Spain with together about 250 researchers, an aggregated project volume of yearly € 20 million, and about 140 publications in high ranking international journals and conferences. Its office is based in Kaiserslautern, Germany. is your single point of access to international excellence in media, graphics, computer vision and interaction. Services include studies for ICT policies, consulting for bootstrapping applied R&D institutes, international technology transfer, and virtual incubation.
The members of the advisory board are international experts who promote the connection of with partners in the scientific and industrial communities as well as the public sector, and also provide advice and assistance on technical issues to its management.


Fondazione GraphiTech is a part of a very wide community, which aims to develop and create new systems, as well as implement them for practical usage. We strive to create newer and better conditions, which will let us move forward. Our partners are unbreakable part of this process and our cooperation guarantees success of every project.