Fondazione GraphiTech

Fondazione GraphiTech - Centre for Advanced Computer Graphics Technologies is a no-profit applied research centre which conducts research and development activities in the broad technology areas of advanced computer graphics, mixed reality and large scale visualization systems for geographical data.

  • Geobrowser 3D

    Powered by WebGL graphics and state of the art software technologies, GeoBrowser3D offers a three-dimensional OGC compliant solution, integrated with computational and visual techniques for an ideal decision making environment. Explore the world, add your own maps, vector graphics, surface models and 3D buildings, make analysis and take your decisions. Feel the power of an advanced visualization system right in your browser. Anywhere. Anytime.

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  • iTrentino

    Trentino, region of confluence between Latin and Nordic worlds, housekeeper of a remarkable cultural heritage, land of charming lakes, valleys and mountains. A never ending journey across nature, history and culture that is worth to be experienced. Read More
  • Smart Islands

    Smart-Islands apps are mobile Apps for iPad / Android and an online 3D viewer.

    They provide information on traveling, accommodation, entertainment, leisure, history, weather, health, public issues, and many other...

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  • Multimedia

    Here you can find a video galery that shows our projects. Read More
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