Daniele Magliocchetti, MSc.

Personal Information:
Position: Analyst and Developer  
Phone: +39 0461 283394  
Fax: +39 0461 288398  
Email: daniele.magliocchetti@graphitech.it  

I am the contact person for:

mobile development on Android platform, Geobrowser3D customization, Slope management as well as new projects acquisition.

Mr. Daniele Magliocchetti has been working in GraphiTech since 2009. He received a master degree in Computer Science (MSc), with specialisation in "Data, Media and Knowledge Management" from the University of Trento, Italy. He has worked on mobile 3D visualisation of geographic data, with focus on Android mobile devices and has been involved in industrial projects in the area of geo-visualization for cultural heritage, archaeological sites and territorial valorisation. He has worked on i-Tour EU project, a mobile platform for intelligent transport for optimised urban trips, as lead developer and scientific manager and on "Smart-Islands" EU project, a platform to promote smart services over the Mediterranean area and other mobile related projects, ranging from advanced algorithms to user interaction techniques. He is currently involved in a number of EU projects as scientific manager (SLOPE) and as analyst (SmeSpire and eEnvPlus).